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ShowBox for iPhone and iPad

Movie Box how to watch and download movies on iPhone and iPad

Service MovieBox is intended to become the outlet for the patrons of torrent trackers and admirers of “pirated” content, which also are the owners of Apple mobile devices. Movie Box is a service that allows you to watch movies for iPhone and iPad for free.

For those who think that it is unessential to pay for movies, especially to watch them on mobile devices is not the late variant — if one and the same useful service MovieBox. In fact it is a kind of library of free content, access to which is based on the BitTorrent technology. The developers compiled a catalogue of popular movies that you can watch in the app and can be downloaded for latest latest perfect MovieBox

Movie Box works on the same principle as ShowBox. This is a free movie library with access to the content based on the BitTorrent technology. The developers choose the most popular films in a single directory and let you watch them directly from the app or download to your device.

The difference is that to use the service without exposing the iPhone and iPad jailbreak procedure. The client Movie Box, created in the form of a web application that acts as both a catalog of films and player. Play no more difficult than download the program from the App Store – just select the desired name from the library, to specify the image quality and click “Watch Now”. The app will start the broadcast of the film.

In order to have on your iPhone or iPad Movie Box required:

1. In the settings of OS to run in Basic -> date & Time.

2. To turn off automatic definition of time and set the date of September 16.

3. Open the Safari browser in which to run across the link  ( download MovieBox )

4. To install the application, you should click on the green button in the center of the screen.

5. Again cross to Settings -> General -> date & Time where to activate the automatic definition of time.

6. To cross from the home screen, how to run MovieBox. A text window will appear with the question “do you want to run Movie Box?”, click “Continue”.

It is worth noting that Apple has closed the ability to install MovieBox on your iOS devices with installed iOS 8.1.

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad


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  1. I love this app! But could you guys PLEASE add teen mom og and teen mom 2 to the shows section please! Also Disney Jr and nick Jr shows would be awesome for my kids! Other then that love everything about the app!. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey showbox only had good experience with you but something recently has happened with a certain show which keeps showing up in the updated section but no new episodes are available when you click on it the show in question is the 100. It will keep showing up to say season 4 has been added but it only shows up to season 3 when I go onto it not sure if this is a problem your end or mine apart from that everything else works outstanding

  3. Unfortunately we have to rest too, so for a while updates will be slightly less. I apologize for the inconvenience

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