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Love to play games on your phone or chat in WhatsApp with your friends and colleagues?

As You know many games and apps for the Android OS does not support Windows, and therefore was developed by free the Andy emulator.

It can be attributed to the alternative of BlueStacks and YouWave App Player. In the emulator is a VirtualBox image of Android and Andy Player.

In that case, if You want to test Android before you buy a smartphone, it is suggested to first use Andy emulator to run apps and games for this system directly on the desktop of your PC.

How to work with Andy?
For a start you need to download Andy, for this click on the “Free Download” above the text.Install and run the emulator. You will see the familiar welcome screen, as if You turned on the tablet based on Android. Click on the “start”button.You must then enter your Google Account if You have already registered or create a new one.

When finished with the execution of other settings, you can proceed to enter registration data for an application 1ClickSync with which to sync your Android device and Andy.

Now You can work with the system of the Game, rotate the screen to landscape or portrait mode, to display in full screen or windowed, to seek, to install and run apps and games from the Google Play store.

Additional features
It is worth noting that Andy includes an interesting feature: the app can be run on your tablet or smartphone to control the emulator with this device. For example, you can use the touch screen in computers that support a standard, non-touch monitors. For this you need to download a special app on your device, launch it and connect it and your PC to the same Wi-Fi.

As mentioned above, Andy supports the application 1ClickSync, we will note the main feature. Launching it, the user will be able to sync games and any apps installed on Android-the Internet, from the Google Play store.

Andy Player

The difference from Andy BlueStacks and YouWave App Player
At the author’s website you can find a comparison table of these Android emulators. We note here the main distinguishing features. First, it is necessary to say that Andy is a free application unlike YouWave, and thus for the entire file or use the user will not spend a penny out of pocket. Moreover, the integration of a microphone and a webcam.

Presents the emulator will completely emulate the system of Android and not just part of it, as it makes BlueStacks. Only Andy would be gives the right to use your smartphone as a controller and lets the Game access to the local file system, while others do not have these opportunities. Additionally there is support for ARM and running applications from the desktop.

All of these features and functions Android emulator Andy will give users the opportunity to put Android OS on personal computer.

You can download Andy it from the official website.


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